New mixtape by Blu: ‘The DS Dumb Style Mixtape’

New mixtape by Blu: ‘The DS Dumb Style Mixtape’

Blu does not sit still. Guess he has to work hard, after setting the bar as high as it gets in 2007 with indie classic Below The Heavens. His mixtape The DS Dumb Style Mixtape Vol. 1 is his latest surprise release. It’s a 36-track collection of dope randomness.

To put it in Blu’s own words, as described on the cover: it consists of “dope underground mixtape beats sent to young lyrical emcees. Dumb style.” All beats are produced by himself. The mixtape features friends and affiliates Blame One, Homeboy Sandman, M.E.D., Mainframe, Versis, ScienZe, amongst many others.

Listen to the mixtape below, download it for only $10, and don’t forget: if you see the ‘E’ drop ’em.

Download ($10): Blu – The DS Dumb Style Mixtape Volume 1

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