Listen: MuAmin Collective’s ‘Dig’ & Bang Messiah’s ‘The Ghost of 89’ (Cassette Tapes)

Listen: MuAmin Collective’s ‘Dig’ & Bang Messiah’s ‘The Ghost of 89’ (Cassette Tapes)

“You guys in Amsterdam? Would like to give you some copies of my label’s cassettes. I think you’ll dig them.” A refreshing message in an inbox dominated by one-way music PR and impersonal inquiries. And there we were, meeting at the heart of Amsterdam square Nieuwmarkt, with Bullshit Night Records founder Chad carrying a blue Albert Heijn plastic bag full of cassette tapes. Music promo, the analog way.

My personal favorites from the Bullshit Night back catalogue are the two tapes below. Dig by hip hop live band MuAmin Collective, and Bang Messiah‘s The Ghost of 89, an instrumental hommage to 1989 hip hop.

You can listen to both releases below. Or get them on cassette via Bullshit Night Records’ Bandcamp page, with 15 releases (and counting) to listen to.

“Wanting to keep the feel of a live show, MuAmin decided to record to tape and keep the post production to a minimum. The live band, a room, some mics, and Zombie Proof Paul’s giant mixing board and tape machine. One song, one take.”

“The year 1989 is special to me for a few reasons. First off, most will agree that Hip Hop’s “Golden Era” is roughly between the years of 1987-1995. It must be noted that the earlier years were filled with experimentation; some classics, some hits, and a lot of misses. While some of Hip Hop’s biggest hits came out of this era, it was also rife with a lot of records that were just clumsy and miss the mark. It’s officially when Hip Hop graduated and began to hold its own.”

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