Guest Mix: Trebles & Blues – Eighth Notes [Mixed by DJ Phatrick] (2011)

Guest Mix: Trebles & Blues – Eighth Notes [Mixed by DJ Phatrick] (2011)

In conjunction with The Soul Dojo, we are pleased to present this sick jazzy mix of all original Trebles & Blues material mixed by DJ Phatrick. The selection features several exclusive unreleased goodies and is quite a tasty treat for the ears. Dig in and don’t forget to support Sessions LA and help sustain a great outlet for inspiring youth in Los Angeles. 

Trebles & Blues’ debut album, ‘The Blue Note’ is available for free download on his site. Check it out if you haven’t already.



1. Autumn’s Fall (0:00)
2. Lost in Certainty (1:37)
3. Off the Record (3:18)
4. A Difficult Love (4:24)
5. An Evening in Osaka (6:48)
6. A Blunted Dedication (8:49)
7. The Night I Left You (11:28)
8. The Other Night (14:15)
9. 131 West 3rd Street (16:23)
10. Midnight Zone Out (18:42)
11. One Jazzy Summer (19:59)
12. You Wonder, Wonder, Wonder (21:11)
13. Experiment A (22:54)
14. Experiment B (The 5 AM Journey) (25:57)
15. Experiment C (The Grand Finale) (27:11)

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