Guest Mix: Leon – I Hate Hip Hop (2011)

Guest Mix: Leon – I Hate Hip Hop (2011)

Leon is a soulful young producer from Teramo, Italy. He has released several free releases including the excellent beat tape ‘The Unseen Side Of The Moon‘. He chose to sarcastically title this mix ‘I Hate Hip Hop’ because his beats are the only way he can fully express himself.  He finds that his instrumentals are a direct sonic translation of his emotional state. 

This mix features several exclusive unreleased tracks from his upcoming projects. Check out Leon’s personal website for more free music and to stay up to date on his releases.

1. Leon – Siccazione
2. Son Rude – Wake Up (Produced by Leon) [Exclusive Unreleased] 3. Leon – U
4. Leon U Pt. 2 (Not Anymore & No More)
5. Leon Walkinonit
6. Alchimisti Di Rime – Deserto (Produced by Leon)
7. Leon – Victory Laps (Remix Instrumental)
8. Mega – Viene Qua (Produced by Leon)
9. Leon – Jungle Joint (Transition) (Madlib Eulogy)
10. Leon – Missin (Hi)
11. Leon – Certe Cose Si Fanno
12. Leon – Per Cuanto Scura
13. Leon – The Secret (The Strength) [Exclusive Unreleased] 14. Leon – Worth Detail
15. Mega – Con Noi (feat. Hazhi) (Produced by Leon)
16. THE RORSCHACH CODE (aka Leon) – Quid Intuemini Haec Causa (Why) [Exclusive Unreleased] 17. Leon – How To Lose A Woman
18. Leon – I Can’t Leave (Neglect)
19. Leon – Eyes Nearly Closed (Slavery) [Exclusive Unreleased] 20. Leon – Oltranza (Most Of My Life)
21. Leon – Da Chi Proviene
22. Leon – Coffee Break
23. Alchimisti Di Rime – Decdimento Naturale (Produced by Leon)
24. Leon – Forefinger RMX
25. Leon – Mercy (15,34)
26. Leon – Phoibos

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