End Of The Year Mix: Some Wicked – Free Dope 2011

End Of The Year Mix: Some Wicked – Free Dope 2011

For me, this year was thoroughly enjoyable for music. More than ever, I found myself digging deeper for independent and upcoming artists primarily by browsing Bandcamp and Soundcloud. This selection of songs features some of my favourite tracks by some of my favourite artists from this year. Each song is available for free download and linked below.

I believe free digital music is an excellent method for emerging musicians to spread their music to the world. Just look at the success of artists like Pretty Lights and Odd Future, who both got their initial following by releasing free music, and are now selling out shows around the world and able to pursue their musical dream careers. Many of the artists on this collection of songs are young and/or upcomers that with your support can continue to provide our ears with that straight dope ish!

For the sake of brevity and cohesion I was forced to leave out a lot of other songs (had just over 10 hours of music selected). Time permitting, there may some other selections coming up with a different feel to them. I hope you enjoy this playlist and can discover some great new music!

1. Abjo – That Alma In Seu Orelha
2. Nieve – Doin That Today
3. Ackryte – delonic regia
4. Rythmatical – Lou Pickles
5. Beat Machine Aron – On These Tones
6. Jill Scott – Golden (Freddie Joachim Remix)
7. amai – 12 O Clock Ramen
8. blindspot – untitled
9. L’Orange – Lost Souls (feat. Hassaan Mackey, yU & Kelsey Lu)
10. Nick Wisdom – Sugar Rush ft. Claire Mortifee
11. Muneshine & Vinyl Fronteirs – Easy Does It
12. K-Def – Times Change
13. Brock Berrigan – Paddy’s Pub
14. Planet Asia & Madlib – Definition of Ill (Luv Jonez Remix)
15. Hashfinger – A3.October.11
16. Trebles and Blues – The Tempo
17. Boom Baptist – Jazz Hands
18. LAN ODYSSEY – oakbrook
19. Art Vandelay – NoTimeForInterludes
20. Gadget – Jamming with the Greats
21. Apollo Brown – Shoot The Heart
22. bugseed – secret diplomacy
23. THAT – Relaxplay2 (Prod. by Brous One)
24. prime.cut – WhompBUL
25. Jonwayne – Bus Stops
26. RAJA – PSA Feat. Jeremiah Jae
27. AiS – Lead Ballads
28. NegroSaki – Date With Fuu

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