Guest Mix: Jenova 7 – A Journey Through The Basement

Guest Mix: Jenova 7 – A Journey Through The Basement

Beatmaker Jenova 7 hooked us up with a cinematic voyage in to the archives of label Dusted Wax Kingdom. He put together some of his favourite tracks for a deep and dusty trek through grooves, breaks and jazzy stylings.

This guest mix is a healthy taste of some of the dopest downtempo, trip hop, and jazz hop music around from the always dope Dusted Wax imprint. For more music be sure to check out Jenova 7’s releases as well as the Dusted Wax catalogue.

Jenova 7 – Journey Through the Basement Tracklist

1. Skipless – “Rooftops Intro”
2. Jenova 7 & Mr. Moods – “Live From… (Feat. Erik Jackson)”
3. Morriarchi – “Speak Easies”
4. Mononome – “Enthusiasms (Couldn’t Ask For Anything More)
5. Revolted Child – “In the Night”
6. Hypoetical – “Situational Concept”
7. Jenova 7 – “Dark Water Jazz”
8. Third Person Lurkin – “Mountain Top Temples”
9. Mr. Moods – “Romantic Ride”
10. Bulimic Orgy & Mile – “Things Are Bad”
11. Groove Cereal – “I Dream of Music (feat. StR©k)”
12. Skipless – “Twilight Days”
13. Violent Public Disorderaz – “Bright Expressing Interlude”
14. Pitch Razahs – “Boom-Bap Relations”
15. Jenova 7 & Mr. Moods – “Smooth Jazz Backup”
16. Third Person Lurkin – “The Silver Key”
17. Erik Jackson – “Through the Storm (Esbe & Impuls Remix)”
18. Lo-Fi Scientists – “Jazz Baby”
19. Anitek – “Circles”
20. DJ Mentos – “Vibed Out”
21. Mononome – “Forever is wasted”
22. Jenova 7 – “Inner Space (feat. Hugo Kant)

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