Guest Mix: Gladman – Tangential Murderation

Guest Mix: Gladman – Tangential Murderation

This guest mix by Gladman a.k.a. Gladbeast a.k.a. Gladdy is simply too dope. The UK producer/musician/dj is as versatile as his many nicknames. His funky and psychedelic release On A Mission With No Permission got us hooked right away back in January, so we’re stoked to share his The Find guest mix with you. 

It’s pretty much impossible to label this mix with five Mixcloud tags. Tangential Murderation is full of crazy tunes that make your head spin. Hard-hitting drum breaks, classic hip hop, trippin’ psychedelica, soul, dub influences, groovy funk… Musical ‘murderation’ as the title implies featuring Public Enemy, DJ Shadow, Jah Billah, Blahzay Blahzay, Donna Summer vs. Van Halen, Hashfinger & Meat Beat Manifesto.

We highly recommend his new collaboration with Miles of the Natural Yogurt Band titled Steam Powered Jazz Machine. Another progressive melting pot of styles.

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1. Science Museum 02:21
2. Clown Puppy 02:45
3. Johnny Ball 01:39
4. Gladdy & Smiles – Randy Tigers 03:07
5. Benidorm 02:06
6. Gladdy & Smiles – Snake In The Grass 06:53
7. Golden Toad 02:42
8. Gladdy & Smiles – Olde English Breakfast 03:55
9. Cherry Muffin 02:14
10. Extended Menace 02:56


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