Listen: Mecca:83 – Let’s Get It ft. Grap Luva (+ Free Download)

Listen: Mecca:83 – Let’s Get It ft. Grap Luva (+ Free Download)

Quite a lot has happened for Mecca:83 over the course of five years. Since the release of Life Sketches Vol. 1 & 2, to be exact. From having two kids and getting married, to moving home and changing careers—but more on that later in our interview.

With so much going on, it’s good to take a step back and reflect every now and then. And that’s exactly the kind of vibe we get from the first tracks from his new album, Life Sketches Vol. 3, with in particular the new “Let’s Get It” featuring Grap Luva.

Why? Grap Luva delivers words of wisdom as per usual, over a characteristic mellowed out, jazz-influenced backdrop by Mecca:83, with horn arrangements by Donald Malloy, making listening to it a peaceful and reflective event.

The new album drops September 18th, finishing the intended trilogy. Oh, and I just cannot help myself but fall in love with that trumpet on “The Cusp” by Octavio Santons, who has played before with Slum Village, Elaquent, Hezekiah, Supastition, amongst others.

I’ve been a Grap Luva fan since my teenage years. Ever since Pete Rock introduced the world to INI via Fakin’ Jax I’ve been devouring every beat and rhyme the younger soul brother has provided. I never imagined that 20 years later I’d have the opportunity to work with him and be a part of his musical history…” – Mecca:83

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