Kassa Overall’s Amsterdam Dream State of Mind in “My Friend” (Video)

Kassa Overall’s Amsterdam Dream State of Mind in “My Friend” (Video)

Kassa Overall’s Go Get Ice Cream And Listen To Jazz is—besides album title of the year contender—still in heavy rotation over here. Let this new video for “My Friend” serve as a reminder to get (re)acquainted with the jazz-leaning emcee, producer & drummer.  

The video sees him running through the streets of Amsterdam, one day after a show at jazz venue Bimhuis together with Theo Croker (trumpet), Irwin Hall (alt sax), Mike King (keys), and Eric Wheeler (bass).

But he’s not running around for speedy sightseeing: “Kassa was so tired and jet-lagged from traveling and performing, but that actually worked for the somewhat melancholic feeling of the video,” tells Freek Zonderland of Blunt Cinema, who directed this video together with Lauren Du Graf. “It’s this dream state you enter when you’re exhausted but inspired by the place you are visiting. In the final shot at EYE Filmmuseum, when he sits—and almost falls—on the ground, that was literally the last shot we filmed. He was not able to continue anymore.”

“It was cold,” remembers Lauren Du Graf in a Facebook post announcing the new video. “I think Kassa was running on maybe three hours of sleep. He had only one outfit besides a suit, so that’s what he went with.” 

Watch the new video below, go get ice cream and listen to jazz, or catch Kassa Overall live at So What’s Next Festival in Eindhoven (The Netherlands) next week.

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