Guest Mix: Jenova 7 – Dusted Jazz (INCL: Dday One, Bugseed, Mononome & more)

Guest Mix: Jenova 7 – Dusted Jazz (INCL: Dday One, Bugseed, Mononome & more)

Jenova 7 is the maestro of moody beats. His mixture of trip-hop, jazz, downtempo, and instrumental hip-hop became an indie favorite through his Dusted Jazz instrumental series.

First digitally via Bulgarian netlabel Dusted Wax Kingdom (Vol. 1 & 2), and now the third installment on vinyl via L.A.-based label Cold Busted Records.

This new guest mix explores his signature sound through music by Mr. Moods, Dday One, The Deli, Emapea, deeB, a mix-exclusive impromptu Guts remix, and much more. Listen to one hour of carefully selected and mixed dusted jazz beats:

Dusted Jazz Mix Tracklist

Dday One – Rhythm Section
Savages – Rollin’
Sebastian Fraye – Dark Clouds
The Deli – Night Vibe
Jenova 7 – You Dig?
deeB – Palm Parallels
Kevin Yost – Jazz 101
Dr. Quandary – Photosynthesis
Mr. Moods – The Organist
Kaleidoscope Jukebox – Vibration Science
Small World – Shuttle 3-5-8
Jenova 7 – Lonely Planet
AndyFellaz – Mo’libre
Mononome – Every End Is A New Beginning
Bugseed – Grassroots
Emapea – Laka
Frenic – Nature Blues
Guts – Skunkfunk (Jenova 7 Remix) *** Exclusive to this mix, an impromptu, unofficial remix
Sick Rat – Risky Affairs
Jenova 7 – Theme For A Goodbye

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