From Beats Back to Jazz: Thijsenterprise (‘Snits’ is out now)

From Beats Back to Jazz: Thijsenterprise (‘Snits’ is out now)

We recently started a new label called Rucksack Records to support artists who take hip-hop, beats & jazz to new heights. Those with an endless love for the craft, and who dare to try new things. Thijsenterprise’s new and playful Snits EP is the newest example of that—ahead of more to come.

After four beat tapes, this EP is Thijsenterprise’s first official outing as a saxophone player and composer. Using his instrument of choice that actually got him into making music over a decade before chopping jazz and soul samples did. Snits sounds nothing like his previous releases such as, for example, the J Dilla-inspired Stepbacks & Setbacks. This time, it’s a fusion of jazz, hip-hop grooves, punk & African music he draws inspiration from.

The Dutch saxophone player and beatmaker took parts from recorded shows and raw sessions with his band, which he then sampled, cut up, stretched out, replayed and overdubbed, with sax melodies. While doing so, he plays around with the idea of what was recorded live in the studio or reused; what was one-take or looped; and what was improvised or written. Or basically: what is reality in music.

Listen to the full EP on Bandcamp (below) or on any other streaming platform. It’s the first taste of a full-length record called Lahringen, which drops on vinyl and digitally in the second half of 2020.

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