Free Download: Vanilla – High Life (2011) + Video

Free Download: Vanilla – High Life (2011) + Video

I know this album came out nearly 5 months ago, but we never posted about it here. ‘High Life’ is one of my favourite releases this year. It is full of banging soulful beats and has been making my feet move ever since I first downloaded it. Vanilla is an excellent British producer who has put out several amazing free projects on Bandcamp and also had an absolute monster of a track featured on the ‘Sunrise Blend‘ compilation by the new French label Juicy.

Personally I can hardly wait for more music from this cat. Stay tuned for a little something something exclusive from Vanilla for The Find soon! If you haven’t checked out ‘High Life’ yet then you must do so! Dig on this trippy video made by ElFamosoDemon for the track ‘My Love Pt. II’ and if you already have the album… listen to it again!


1. Stringtro
2. The People
3. Good Times
4. Time To See
5. The Day
6. Way We Were
7. Endgame
8. Genesis (Change Things Up)
9. Believe
10. Keep On Walking
11. Love U
12. Mirage
13. Smalltalk
14. Do It
15. Synergy
16. C’Mon
17. HighFive
18. Soul Music
19. Soft Touch
20. Architect Music
21. Away So Long
22. Closer
23. Feel Like I Do
24. My Love Pt. I
25. My Love Pt. II
26. Work It Out
27. Whisper


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