Free Download: Trebles and Blues – From My Father

Free Download: Trebles and Blues – From My Father

From My Father is a journey that takes you through the life of Trebles and Blues father. Trebles intermixes some jazz with samples of Korean folk music that his father used to listen too.This LP will take you on that same journey that his father took as you zone out and picture what he went through.

“My father was a South Korean immigrant that came to the United States with my mother to realize the ever-so-elusive “American Dream”. Fifteen years after being in this country, he found himself in the middle of a crisis that resulted in him being deported back to Korea, with the strict order that he would never be able to step foot in the States again. He was abruptly separated from his wife and children, returning to his homeland with essentially nothing to his name. However, through patience and perseverance, he rebuilt himself while in Korea, and eight years later, my mother reunited with him and has lived with him ever since.” 

1. Master of Ceremonies 0:15
2. A King’s Entrance 1:25
3. The Stars Align 1:41
4. Clear the Fog 2:12
5. From My Father 2:40
6. An Unbreakable Promise 2:27
7. Buried Love 2:10
8. Until We Meet Again 0:50
9. Leave Everything Behind 1:46
10. Evening of Reflection 1:36
11. From Dusk to Dawn 1:52
12. The Time Has Passed 1:16
13. When We Met Again (Skit) 1:09
14. Reunited in the Fields 1:44
15. Homeward Bounce 2:08
16. The Will to Overcome 1:13
17. An Uphill Trot 1:43
18. The Triumph 2:28


Manan is from Illinois (born close to Chicago) and currently in Florida for school. His love for hip hop started with the up-and-coming Northwest scene, and has led to him become fully submerged in hip hop culture. Other interests include crate digging, ultimate (frisbee), and reading sci-fi/fantasy.