Free Download: Thrupence – Voyages EP (2012)

Free Download: Thrupence – Voyages EP (2012)

Hypnotic cascading sounds float with tantalizing precision throughout this wonderful EP by Australian producer Thrupence. The ambient beats on the Voyages EP are simply sublime and will slowly melt your mind and body, leaving you blissfully relaxed and at peace with the universe. 

Check out the stellar free download and let the music transport you to a foggy mystical paradise island where the trees secrete a gently intoxicating sweet honey. Cut a coconut in half, fill your natural mug with the heady vibrations and let go of all your troubles. This is that kind of music, think Sigur Ros meets Gold Panda or something outlandish like that.

1. Voyages 04:22
2. Folds 03:14
3. Winston 03:53
4. Synchronous Bloom 03:45
5. Parlay 03:10
6. Swashbuckle (Seabed Stroll Redo) 03:49
7. Everforever 03:34
8. Kickshaw (Bonus Track) 02:43
9. This House Is Full Of Water (Bonus Track) 04:38

Free Download

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