Free Download: TenDJiz – Q-Tipokratiya (2012)

Free Download: TenDJiz – Q-Tipokratiya (2012)

Q-Tipokratiya is a mash-up album by Miami-based producer TenDJiz, created by blending the acapellas of Q-Tip (A Tribe Called Quest) and instrumentals composed from Soviet Union soul and jazz samples.

The title of the album is a portmanteau of the name Q-Tip and the Greek word Kratia (“Power”). The previous mash-up album De La Soulviet by TenDJiz released in October 2011.

1. Q-Tipokratiya – Work It Out (Prod. TenDJiz)
2. Q-Tipokratiya – 1nce Again (Prod. TenDJiz)
3. Q-Tipokratiya – For The Nasty (Prod. TenDJiz)
4. Q-Tipokratiya – Breathe And Stop (Prod. TenDJiz)
5. Q-Tipokratiya – Galvanize (Prod. TenDJiz)
6. Q-Tipokratiya – Dance On Glass (Prod. TenDJiz)
7. Q-Tipokratiya – Ill Vibe (Prod. TenDJiz)
8. Q-Tipokratiya – Rumble In The Jungle (Prod. TenDJiz)
9. Q-Tipokratiya – Stressed Out (Prod. TenDJiz)
10. Q-Tipokratiya – Hot Boyz (Prod. TenDJiz)

Free Download

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