Free Download: Teddy Faley – Mario Deep

Free Download: Teddy Faley – Mario Deep

This remix project is… interesting to say the least. Producer Teddy Faley blends his passions for hip hop and video games for this Mario Deep EP. That concept is not unique per se, but it’s the surprising combination that makes this worthwhile. Mobb Deep vocals over productions using nothing but samples from the first few Mario games. Drop a shell on ’em.

The beats are nothing but a trip down memory Mario lane, and it’s fun to hear the official Queensbridge murderers in an 8-bit setting. Ego Trip said it best: “The result is Nintendo realness from the Official Queensbridge Mushrooms that’s on like Donkey Kong.”

1. Drop A Shell On Em 03:51
2. Keep It Thoro 02:17
3. Quiet Storm 04:56
4. GODiii 03:37
5. Shell On Earth 02:48


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