Free Download: Soviet Konducta – Tape Fusion #7: Tape Fusion 0 (The Prequel)

Free Download: Soviet Konducta – Tape Fusion #7: Tape Fusion 0 (The Prequel)

Russian-inspired beat-tapes on top of an Ege Bamyasi record? A combination resulting in my full attention. This made me discover the Tape Fusion series by Soviet Konducta, clearly inspired by the iconic Madlib Medicine Show series.

For the series, Soviet Konducta delves deep into music like jazz-funk, Indian music, and Tatar/Bashkir grooves. Armed with an MPC2000XL, 80s cassette deck and stacks of records,  For this prequel edition: a homage to “Lenin was a Mushroom”, a televised interview hoax by Soviet musician Sergey Kuryokhin and reporter Sergey Sholokhov, broadcasted in 1991 on USSR’s Leningrad Television.

Kuryokhin impersonated a historian, sharing his findings that Lenin consumed large quantities of psychedelic mushrooms and eventually became a mushroom himself. It led to millions of Russians (some even estimate 11 million people) to take the fake interview at face value. A historic moment in Russian culture often used as proof of the gullibility of the masses.

‘Tape Fusion 0 (The Prequel)’ is a tribute to that moment, using vocals from the hoax and samples off rare Soviet vinyl records for heavy MPC beats.

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