Free Download: Snubluck – The Flying Machine (2012)

Free Download: Snubluck – The Flying Machine (2012)

Denver-based experimental beatmaker Snubluck absolutely murders shit with this six track banger of an EP. The Flying Machine is basically video games, psychoactives, and electronic hip hop smashed together in a cosmic collision of epic proportions.

If you dig hard hitting bassy hip hop sound experiments then this cat is definitely one to check out! The tracks are wonkier than a clown on 5 hits of LSD and glitched like seeing the same cat walk past twice… glitch in the matrix, Agents are coming.

1. Yoshi 03:17
2. Fox 04:41
3. Bent 04:09
4. Castle Crawler 02:34
5. Decay 03:49
6. Haunted Home 03:48

Free Download

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