Free Download: Sabzi – Dakota [Townfolk I.C. 02] (2011)

Free Download: Sabzi – Dakota [Townfolk I.C. 02] (2011)

Producer Sabzi (of Blue Scholars) is putting out all his old instrumentals with their original names. Expect a new collection by the Seattle-based producer released each day until the new year. A free gift for all of you who’ve been listening, whether new or well-seasoned.

The instrumentals on Dakota explore similar themes found in the Ravenna collection, but just a little more evolved and clean in their sample chopping and blending. Sabzi: “Also, besides just being fascinated with samples, one thing to mention is that I made a lot of these sounds in my early 20s when I had no money. Outboard synthesizers were expensive, and the soft-synth game was a little under the radar so quite frankly it was more affordable to make beats outta snatching sounds from records.”

These nine tracks were paired up with words spat by Geo (Prometheus Brown) and released as The Long March EP by Blue Scholars in October of 2005.

1. Jenisea 04:36
2. On The Couch 02:23
3. Acton 04:54
4. Burncycle 03:42
5. Fatsoe 04:21
6. Zilla 04:20
7. Clean Collar 03:35
8. asphaltt 03:44
9. Supreme 03:55

Free Download

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