Free Download: S.P.O.T. (Strategy Produces Overall Thought) – The Duets (2012)

Free Download: S.P.O.T. (Strategy Produces Overall Thought) – The Duets (2012)

It’s remarkable how most of our ‘finds’ are production-based these days. Soulful, jazzy, hard-hitting boom bap… independent beatmakers all around the world deliver topnotch hip hop lately. We love it, but it seems like those releases dominate the scene compared to the few noteworthy albums by independent rappers. So it’s refreshing to find new emcees like S.P.O.T.

S.P.O.T. (an abbreviation for Strategy Produces Overall Thought) was born and raised in Brooklyn and is part of Down 2 Earth RecordsThe Duets is a cross-pollination of his favorite styles, with subtle influences on several tracks ranging from soul to jazz music. S.P.O.T.: “An emcee still holds its authentic purpose, which is to move the crowd, but I would like to do this physically, mentally and spiritually.”

The Duets is available for free for a limited time only, so better be quick. The songs “Keep Walkin” and “Good Lords” are our personal highlights.

1. Intro 00:52
2. That’s My Word 03:31
3. Good Lords 03:18
4. That Shyt 02:44
5. Porno Music 03:21
6. S.t.e.r.e.o. 03:40
7. Slow Down 04:16
8. The Message 02:58
9. Game Done Changed 04:10
10. Keep Walkin 03:58
11. Bad Woman 03:03
12. Waiting 02:09
13. Ends the Same 03:51
14. Outro 01:02

Free Download
Update August 5: “New free downloads will be available 8/13/2012” – S.P.O.T.

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