Free Download: Re:Sample – 16PADS

Free Download: Re:Sample – 16PADS

The fact that Hip Hop music has become a global culture isn’t a mystery to most. However we often are blind sided to the true talent that exists in all corners of the globe due to the natural human urge to focus on artists in our local geography.

Luckily, the hip hop label Re:Sample has developed a global hip hop album to cure this common affliction. The concept is simple: 16 Artists, 16 countries, using the 16 pads of Akai’s infamous MPC  to create 16 unique instrumental hip hop tracks.

The result is a homage to the classic hand slap sound that the MPC produces. Producer Diza XL head nods with the the Big L worthy track Raw, while 5th Sequence‘s sonnet Lovespeak screams Phonte infused love joint. With so much variety and talent, one cannot put their finger on a single great track. They all move with a unique feel and style, providing a truly enjoyable listening experience.


Mr. Rust is a hip hop producer/musician from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. He also enjoys hiking, camping and wrestling grizzly bears.