Free Download: Qiwu – Tr3

Free Download: Qiwu – Tr3

We’ve heard precious little from French one man band (selftet) Qiwu since his previous instrumental LP Travelling Arrière. As a wonderful unexpected treat for the weekend, he has dropped a new release through Bandcamp of umixed demos and drafts. Though the project is just a collection of unpolished beats from the past few years, it is a remarkably impressive work of artistry.

Frequent collaborator and emcee Doods makes an appearance on several tracks, adding further depth to Qiwu’s laid back production. The common vein throughout Tr3 is jazz, so check it out now and enjoy the buttery smooth jams.


1. Lovely tomate 02:26
2. Horny robot V2 (bug fixed) 04:21
3. Nuit blanche 05:22
4. Change reaction 03:30
5. Luna 03:06
6. Night bird 03:48
7. Doods and Qiwu – Mille et une rimes 03:27
8. Mille et une rimes INSTRUMENTAL 03:27
9. Microphone Sam 03:00
10. Doods and Qiwu – Maintenant ou jamais 03:28
11. Doods and Qiwu – Wonderland 03:22
12. Wonderland INSTRUMENTAL 03:22
13. Sucré 03:57
14. The dude song (bug fixed) 02:51
15. Fatness (bug fixed) 02:45
16. Satie sur le beat 02:35
17. Tears and drops 02:47
18. Songe 03:07
19. Flûte Maigre 05:18
20. Gros beat (fat kick V1) 04:25
21. Gros beat (low mix V2) 04:25


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