Free Download: Paul White – Rapping With Paul White [Remix EP] (2011)

Free Download: Paul White – Rapping With Paul White [Remix EP] (2011)

‘Rapping With Paul White’ was the first full-length vocal project of London-based producer Paul White. He established himself as one of the most versatile and individual producers working today. This remix EP is the official sequel to his latest album, including remixes by Paul White and, in words of Paul himself, ‘raps by the rappers’.

Stones Throw artist Guilty Simpson appears twice; his grim warnings perfectly matching Paul’s sparse, brooding production. Gap-toothed, mohawked Danny Brown is one of hip hop’s rising stars – as of right now critically acclaimed for his collaborative album with Black Milk. His lewd punchlines top Paul’s exuberant production on the hard-hitting remix of ‘One Of Life’s Pleasures’.

1. Dirty Slang ft. Guilty Simpson (Remix) 02:48
2. One Of Life’s Pleasures ft. Danny Brown (Remix) 02:31
3. Up Close 01:17
4. Rotten Apples ft Tranqill (Remix) 01:56
5. Run Shit ft. Marv Won (Remix) 02:15
6. Out Of My Mind Tonight 01:22
7. Confused World 00:56
8. Trust ft Guilty Simpson (Remix) 02:29
9. Hi There Interlude 00:31
10. Stampeding Elephants ft. Moe Pope (Remix) 02:10
11. Never Too Late 01:43
12. Gettin’ Lucky 01:51

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