Free Download: Mr. J Medeiros – Pale Blue Dot EP (2012)

Free Download: Mr. J Medeiros – Pale Blue Dot EP (2012)

After the release of the Pale Blue Dot single and the blue 7″ vinyl record (still available), the full EP by Mr. J Medeiros is now available digitally for free, including the A-side single as well as the B-side remix and extra (previously unreleased) material.

The song Pale Blue Dot features Stro taking a different approach to hip hop crafting a mellow electronic tinged instrumental meshed with Mr. J’s poignant rhymes reflecting on the state of our society and complemented with a haunting chorus from Giannina Ashe.

The remix features a unique reinterpretation of the original track by 20syl (of Hocus Pocus & C2C), providing further depth and broken beat grooves as well as insightful raps from Shad adding his wisdom to the project. But that’s not it: four more tracks are included to the EP for your listening pleasure if you’re a fan of Mr. J Medeiros’ extraordinary rhymes.

1. Pale Blue Dot feat. Giannina Ashe 03:45
2. Old Man Perez 04:18
3. These Hands feat. The Nigel Bird Trio 03:12
4. What of Love feat. Jonathan Korsyzk 04:21
5. Pale Blue Dot 20Syl Remix feat. Shad 03:39
6. These Hands – Animal House Remix 03:24

Free Download // Vinyl

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