Free Download: mononome – The Secret Melody (2012)

Free Download: mononome – The Secret Melody (2012)

Dusted Wax Kingdom have been dropping innumerable trip hop and blunted downtempo hip hop instrumental releases for the past 5 years. One of their latest releases comes from Greek beatmaker mononome and is a swirling dust storm of gritty drums and murky samples.

All the sounds on the album were taken from old records and mixed together using an MPC 2500 with no digital audio workstation involved.

If you are still not down with this great label and their many dust covered releases then this is a great time to get acquainted. Download “The Secret Melody” for free and be sure to have a gander at the rest of the Dusted Wax catalog featuring music from Jenova 7, Esbe, Mr. Moods and many more.


1. Forever Is Wasted 06:04
2. Many Dreams Ago 05:22
3. To Break A Broken Heart 05:42
4. Fools Rush In 04:48
5. Endless Nights(The Secret Melody) 03:37

Free Download // Bandcamp

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