Free Download: Melo & Maloon – Swacle

Free Download: Melo & Maloon – Swacle

Two of Switzerland’s finest producers, Melodiesinfonie & Maloon TheBoom, joined forces for a short EP titled Swacle.¬†Released through their own label Boyoom Connective, the instrumental project is an exploration of woozy electronic styles, displaying an alternate side to both musicians.

Tracks like “Malanders” and “Hey Baby” stand out with their off kilter style, wobbly like a stumbling drunk while dripping sensuality like Scarlett Johansson in heat.

1. Swacle 03:27
2. Beatbrush 02:37
3. Malanders 02:33
4. Feed My Mind With Love Pt. ll 03:47
5. T O U C H M E 02:55
6. Hey Baby 02:36


Kamir Hiam (USA) has been obsessed with hip hop culture since discovering rap as a child in the mid 90s. As curator of The Find's Stay Thirsty podcast, he is an obsessive crate digger, always looking for more dope music. Other hobbies include travel, reading, fitness, and science.