Free Download: Mecca:83 – Daybreak (2012)

Free Download: Mecca:83 – Daybreak (2012)

Fresh from dropping his album Life Sketches Vols 1 & 2 in December, Manchester-based producer Mecca:83 returns with a brand new 10-track project completed in the space of just 24 hours. “D A Y B R E A K” covers everything from good old-fashioned boom bap to future funk leanings and even features a J Dilla tribute thrown in for good measure!

If you dig the sounds on offer also be sure to check Mecca’s recent free download track Midnight Kids, a nice mellow jam featuring Japanese pianist Kan Sano and Pittsburgh’s finest Buscrates 16-Bit Ensemble.

1. 2am Samba 02:08
2. D A Y B R E A K 02:03
3. Make Sounds 02:30
4. New(ish) With The Blend 02:07
5. Send U 02:53
6. DonutBreak 01:11
7. Aura 02:43
8. Making You V2 02:44
9. Fanfare 01:40
10. Wanna Ride (Bonus) 02:16

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