Free Download: Marvelous Mag – Florida Orange Juice

Free Download: Marvelous Mag – Florida Orange Juice

Marvelous Mag sounds like the name of a superhero, and from a D.I.Y.-perspective he certainly can be considered to be just that. Alright, we’re exaggerating here. But we all know how being independent can be a struggle, so we have nothing but respect for artists like Marvelous Mag. Operating all on his own, with previously some support by indie labels like Digi Crates and Libyus Music (Tokyo-based label behind releases from Nujabes, Fat Jon, Force Of Nature, Kondor, Michita, amongst others), he delivers hip hop with a soulful touch straight from New York.

Hearing bits of Dilla, J. Rawls and Nujabes on Florida Orange Juice, tells you what kind of emcee you’re dealing with. This is a product from the soul: the outcome of a genuine passion for hip hop music, bringing it back to the days of mixtapes and interludes.

Marvelous Mag: “the concept of the mixtape is to bring you back to the 90s era. To the original style of mixtapes, or when you’d pop the tape in and leave the tape playing all the way through. Nowadays I think we’ve totally gotten away from that and now artists release albums like they’re random mixtapes. The job of the mixtape is to let the listener hear a mixture of your sound, and what you can do with it, while making it interesting enough to keep their attention. That’s the reason why I made it sound like a radio show with drops and clips from movies; to keep you intrigued.”

Florida Orange Juice is available for free and features the likes of Pro Era’s Chuck Strangers, Tha Connection’s Hus & SmooVth, Skyzoo, DJ Kryptonite, amongst others.

Free Download

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