Free Download: Low Leaf – GiGA GAiA EP (2012)

Free Download: Low Leaf – GiGA GAiA EP (2012)

Do you remember the incredible Low Leaf performance of “Take Time” on Knocksteady TV from late last year? Well if you’re anything like me, that video was so stunning that I became quickly and deeply enamoured with her strange ethereal beat music and that harp of hers.

“GiGA GAiA” is a follow up to her Chrysalis” release and picks up where she left off and delves further into weird and hypnotic beat experimentations.

Females are still rather a rarity in the beat scene, but Low Leaf is definitely making some tsunami sized waves with her style, putting her on the path to being a female beat icon akin to the mercurial Tokimonsta.

1. … meow 00:40
2. DRiNK iT UP 02:57
3. FRACTAL meditation 01:57
4. TAKE TiME 02:41
5. JUST ABOVE high 02:56
6. 143 MOON 02:58
7. HEART machine 03:42
8. PARADiSE 03:11
9. PRPL potion 03:22
10. Go Go Go 02:06

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