Free Download: Ljones – Soul Below (2012)

Free Download: Ljones – Soul Below (2012)

‘Soul Below’ by Ljones is the first official release of Cult Classic Records. The album by the Toronto-based producer lays boom bap drums over soul- and jazz-influenced melodies.

Ljones: “I was always interested in the beat making process since I’ve been a fan of old records, but my interest really grew as I started DJing. I didn’t seriously think of making beats ’till after I heard Nujabes when I was about 16. Hearing his songs and the very moving melodies with the boom bap drums of the golden era, really inspired me.”

1. Introductions 02:50
2. ArtOfficial Strawberries 03:34
3. Mango Kimono 03:39
4. Feelings, mutual 03:34
5. Jazz Technician 03:05
6. Autumn Groove 03:13
7. Soul Below 03:14
8. Cruising Blue 03:37
9. July 04:01
10. Always Find You 02:55
11. Nakanaide 02:55
12. To the groove 03:24
13. It ain’t hard to tell (LJ RMX) 03:26

Free Download

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