Free Download: KON Sci (of MindsOne) – Pizza And A Movie (2011)

Free Download: KON Sci (of MindsOne) – Pizza And A Movie (2011)

KON Sci of the dope hip hop group MindsOne just dropped a great free beat tape full of smooth instrumentals inspired by films. Kick back and relax while enjoying these fresh smooth sounds fused with classic film dialogue from classics like Enter the Dragon, The Big Lebowski and many more.


1. The Shining 03:49
2. Snatch 01:49
3. Harlem Nights 03:44
4. Lord Of The Rings : Return Of The King 02:38
5. Hero 01:46
6. Shawshank Redemption 02:50
7. Tron 02:50
8. Seven 01:43
9. The Big Lebowski 02:57
10. Enter The Dragon 02:07
11. Inception 05:25
12. The Godfather 02:04
13. Oceans 11 04:03
14. Trading Places 02:31
15. Total Recall 02:47

Free Download/Megaupload

Update: KON Sci ran out of download credits on Bandcamp but awesomely upped a free link to Megaupload!

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