Free Download: Jazzy Gentle – Nightglows EP (2012)

Free Download: Jazzy Gentle – Nightglows EP (2012)

Italian producer Jazzy Gentle experiments with hip hop, (future) jazz and modern beats. Nightglows is a small collection of tracks from the last two years.

We’re not really fond of his rework of “Tea Leaf Dancers” by Flying Lotus -it’s hard to top the brilliant original-, but we’re really digging the songs “Frank Beattinn” and the jazzy flute on “Sebastian’s Song”. “Timeless Sunrise” is a bit more experimental, which reflects Jazzy Gentle’s playful and original production style.

Jazzy Gentle: “Each piece was produced at a different time, with its mixing, its production set-up and its mastering, with different weather, humor and intentions. During this time I wanted to experiment on the construction of wonky beats, new layers and techniques. Consequently, there are some pieces that I love most, and some other less.”

1. Tea Leaf Dancers – Flying Lotus (Jazzy Gentle ReELab) 03:30
2. Frank Beattinn 03:56
3. Sebastian’s song 04:14
4. Timeless Sunrise (ft. A.Ventrella) 03:41
5. Journeyman – Forss/Rich Medina (Jazzy Gentle serenade) 05:53
6. It’s Over 01:57

Free Download

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