Free Download: Gummy Soul – 93 Still

Free Download: Gummy Soul – 93 Still

One of the best things to happen for the art of remixing, was the Gummy Soul crew gaining popularity with Bizarre Tribe: A Quest to The Pharcyde and getting enough exposure to become directly involved with artists like Souls Of Mischief. For the first time ever, California juggernauts Souls of Mischief have opened up their vaults and allowed a full remix album of their classic debut album. 

This a superb example of the current state of hip hop, paying homage to yesteryear while remaining fresh and current. Wally Clark of Gummy Soul went digging into his vast record library and crafted beats emulating all the styles of 93. This will get you ready for the upcoming Adrian Younge produced Soul of Mischief album.

Are we in a golden era revival period? Many of the artists from the so-called best years of hip hop are still active, updating their sound and taking advantage of the new modern world. On top of that, most of the artists we cover here at The Find have a deep fascination and influence from that epoch.

For more info about Gummy Soul, check out our interview with Amerigo Gazaway from earlier this year.

1. Never Know More 03:45
2. Live And Let Live 05:11
3. Disseshowedo 02:49
4. What A Way To Go Out 04:57
5. Let ‘Em Know 04:09
6. A Name I Call Myself 03:57
7. 93 Still 03:58
8. Limitations 03:41
9. Anything Can Happen 03:26
10. Make Your Mind Up 03:07
11. Batting Practice 04:10
12. That’s When Ya Lost 03:36
13. Tell Me Who Profits 02:45

Free Download

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