Free Download: Gaboyama – Select Screens

Free Download: Gaboyama – Select Screens

Two San Diego experimental beat makers have teamed up to pay tribute to video games and The Legend of Zelda. Go Yama and gabonano fully twisted Zelda samples into familiar yet warped futurebeats rhythms.

This is certainly an intriguing project and a nostalgic electronic voyage for gamers and Zelda fans alike. The 8-bit DOOM remix is particularly appealing and unique as well as the amazing title track which flips the music from the fairy fountains in Ocarina of Time.


1. Descend (introlude) 00:06
2. Dungeon Kids on the Block 02:34
3. Doom’s Awakening 03:13
4. ezLo’s theme 01:56
5. Perle de Lune 02:56
6. Magic Mirror 02:32
7. Item Menu (interlude) 00:15
8. Fairy Dust Mites 02:41
9. Ganondorphins 03:18
10. Elf Etiquette 02:13
11. Ice Rod 02:27
12. Select Screens 02:30
13. Ascend (outro) 00:07


Kamir Hiam (USA) has been obsessed with hip hop culture since discovering rap as a child in the mid 90s. As curator of The Find's Stay Thirsty podcast, he is an obsessive crate digger, always looking for more dope music. Other hobbies include travel, reading, fitness, and science.