Free Download: Emay – Adam (2012)

Free Download: Emay – Adam (2012)

Canadian rapper producer Emay (pronounced M-A) finally dropped his full length debut after working on the project for about a year. Adam is a hugely impressive showcase of dense fuzzy instrumentals and clever rapping.

The characteristic sound can be mistaken for no one else, and this album shows Emay really thriving with his unique style. The beats are a progressive blend of many influences welded together with hard hitting boom bap percussion. You really need to listen to understand. Along with the dope beats, Emay’s rhymes flow through many brilliant metaphors and allegorical musings, dropping a whole lot of hilarious and poignant quotables.

1. Alif Y.m.n.l.m.a. 04:21
2. Luminescence [with Ramona Falls] 04:04
3. Are the Days 03:39
4. Just aMuk 05:02
5. Un For One 03:52
6. Negro [with Isic Strans] 03:26
7. She Calls [with Steffaloo] 04:06
8. Takes Me Back “Ambivalence” 04:13
9. Method [with Scott Kid] 05:55
10. Wasted Same 03:35
11. Incorruptible II * 04:10

Free Download

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