Free Download: DoomBe (KarenBe x DOOM) – Special Bloom

Free Download: DoomBe (KarenBe x DOOM) – Special Bloom

Imagine DOOM beats from Special Herbs flipped by way of Hawaii, Barbados and Syria, with dancehall basslines and singing that wouldn’t be out of place in a Berlin nightclub… that’s what KarenBe is giving us on this 5-track EP that makes DOOM’s version of hazy psychedelia seem like a school concert.

It’s gotten to the point now that what we should really all expect from MF DOOM is, well … the unexpected. Though this EP is unofficial, KarenBe says that he “gave his blessing”. It’s always interesting to hear what different musical brains do to source material, and DOOM’s open attitude to his beats being used and re-used mean that there are a lot of ways in which his music gets stretched. It’s also rare to hear this kind of sampling and stretching of existing beats used outside of pure hip hop. But what do you think of it?

1. KarenBe: DoomBe – Special Bloom 01:59
2. KarenBe: DoomBe – Shades of Delight 02:11
3. KarenBe: DoomBe – Shake 03:02
4. KarenBe: DoomBe – Light it Up 03:22
5. KarenBe: DoomBe – CatDoomBe 02:16


Emily West is a researcher, writer, DJ, artist and recent export to New York City. Across publications and gigs as STRAYDJ she deals in everything from hip hop to soul to noise. She is also a founding member of the Fat Beats Collective collaborative space for soul, jazz and hip hop connections, and moonlights by day as a research scientist.