Free Download: Digi Crates & Word is Bond – Deep! Vol. 1 (2012)

Free Download: Digi Crates & Word is Bond – Deep! Vol. 1 (2012)

Our kindred spirits over at Word is Bond hooked up with the label Digi Crates to unleash an excellent 20-track compilation of hand picked gems. The first ten tracks were selected by 602Diggler for Word is Bond and the second ten by Cory Atkins for Digi Crates selecting nothing but finest diamonds from a whole range of artists like Brous One, Kyo Itachi, Sinitus Tempo, Beat Maker Beat, P. SUS, Suhnraw and many more!

Big respect for these two crews dedicated to smooth hip hop styles and their endeavours to further support independent and alternative artists. This collection is free, it’s wonderful, and you should have it in your digital arsenal of cutting edge beats and rhymes. Seriously there are so many bangers on here, get on that free download, pump up the volume and enjoy the new era of hip hoppers raised on a healthy diet of golden era style.

1. BMB aka Space Kid – Are’ma’Music 03:01
2. Kyo Itachi – Kyo Itachi – Clouds (Nujabes Tribute) 03:57
3. Rozewood – Mistakes 03:52
4. KVZE – Kliff Hangers 02:16
5. King AL – Peanut Butter Oil 01:25
6. Wildelux & Mac – No Sense (feat. D Strong) 04:24
7. P.SUS – My Music 01:19
8. Phalo Pantoja – Our Express After Midnight 03:59
9. Fresh Sly – Right Now 03:15
10. Alone Together 04:23
11. Ivy Sole x Phoenix Pagliacci – Long Way Home (prod. by swoots) 03:01
12. Brous One – CheckItOut 02:10
13. Prosthetik Intelligentz x GravityMovement – Investment 03:14
14. Bhonstro- Holy Dance 02:00
15. Autolect – Get Down (Prod. Bil Basmala) 05:13
16. Sinitus Tempo – So High 2 05:18
17. Schadillac – Mawlt Liqua (One For Esbe) 02:30
18. Jewels – I Mean Business Ft. Logic Wise 03:44
19. Suhnraw – Troubled Child 03:32
20. Curbside Crew – Lyrics To Go 03:06

Free Download

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