Free Download: Cale Hawkins – Dirt Cuts Beat EP (2012)

Free Download: Cale Hawkins – Dirt Cuts Beat EP (2012)

Cale Hawkins is a musician and producer who currently plays keys for Blu Cantrell. On the side though, Cale gets down with a sampler and dusty records. His latest effort is the really dope Dirt Cuts Beat EP.

This short EP features some dirty funked and jazzed up beats. John Robinson makes an appearance with a sick verse, and the two remixes of DOOM and Q-Tip round out this little release with raps to compliment the production.

1. A Dirty Introduction 01:38
2. Monday Morning 02:24
3. Harlem Connection (ft. John Robinson) 01:32
4. My Favorite Ladies – MF DOOM (Cale Hawkins Remix) 03:04
5. Modern Day Tahiti 01:49
6. Breathe and Stop – Q-Tip (Cale Hawkins Remix) 02:49
7. Don Blackman is the Dude 01:09

Free Download

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