Free Download: Ascience, Rythmatical, Aud.One, Kaleo & TheBeatHero – City Lights (2011)

Free Download: Ascience, Rythmatical, Aud.One, Kaleo & TheBeatHero – City Lights (2011)

Recently five close friends and kindred beatmakers Ascience, Rythmatical, Aud.One, Kaleo, and TheBeatHero put together a compilation of their tracks called City Lights. If you are familiar with any of these producers, you know that this collection of beats will be jazzed up and smoother than silk.

There are some really sick tracks on here, I find myself particularly vibing to the Rythmatical, Aud.One, and Ascience beats. The compilation also includes a Nujabes tribute from Aud.One and Ascience. Dig the album, enjoy the remainder of the holiday season, and have a great new year!

1. Kaleo – Good Morning 02:19
2. Aud.One – Her & I(rie) 02:15
3. a.Science – my science 03:49
4. TheBeatHero – Silent Nights 03:34
5. Rythmatical – A Cold Feeling 02:26
6. Kaleo – Confessions 02:54
7. a.Science – C’est la vie 02:44
8. Rythmatical – Images 02:48
9. TheBeatHero – Winter Heartbreak 03:44
10. Aud.One – Ode2Seba (special Nujabes tribute) 03:48
11. TheBeatHero – Weed and Wiskey 03:49
12. Aud.One – Dust 04:17
13. Rythmatical – Lou Pickles 02:45
14. Kaleo – Reunited 02:40
15. a.Science – Yours Truly (special Nujabes tribute) 02:39

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