Figub Brazlevič on his new instrumental album, ‘4×4 Palestine Jeep Beats’ (+Stream/Free Download)

Figub Brazlevič on his new instrumental album, ‘4×4 Palestine Jeep Beats’ (+Stream/Free Download)

After nodding my head for 27 minutes straight, Figub Brazlevič‘s first instrumental project in three years left me wondering one thing: what’s the deal with all Palestine references? The title, 4×4 Palestine Jeep Beats, suggests an exciting road trip, so I figured to contact Figub to find out more.

“Last year I visited Palestine, Ramallah, Bethlehem, Jerusalem and Amman, Jordan. I had the chance to do workshops with refugee kids from camps in Palestine together with MC Rene. It was one of the best experiences in my life: I was able to see what’s really going on there with my own eyes.

I even had access to the oldest refugee camp in Jerusalem – the Shu’fat camp. Regular Europeans can’t walk in there—checkpoints everywhere. The feedback I got from these kids was more than I could take… After the first workshop, they were yelling my name for 30 minutes straight! It was amazing. They still get in touch with me via Instagram, I loved it there.

The second time we went there was to shoot a clip and to visit a camp in Amman. We crossed the border by bus at night via the Jordan river. Which was quite the experience with all the armed police and army along the way in no man’s land.

The idea for 4×4 Palestine Jeep Beats came because I made Go Pro clips from jeep rides all across the country, which turned into 27-minute video for the project. And in a way the project was kinda overdue—I haven’t released any instrumental solo projects since Expedition Vol. 1 – From Ghettos To Galaxies back in 2014.” – Figub Brazlevič

Listen to 4×4 Palestine Jeep Beats by the German producer below in full, and name your price on Bandcamp to download it. Oh, and word on the unpaved streets is that a vinyl release is coming soon…

Free Download: 4×4 Palestine Jeep Beats

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