News: Marcus D – Melancholy Hopeful (2012)

News: Marcus D – Melancholy Hopeful (2012)

American hip hop producer Marcus D recently dropped his new LP Melancholy Hopeful. To say it has been hotly anticipated is an understatement. As soon as it was heard that it would be distributed (in Japan) by the sadly deceased Nujabes’  record label Hydeout/Tribe, I, and I know I’m not the only one, have been impatiently counting down the days to this release.

It fully lives up the to the hype, a hugely impressive piece of work from Marcus D. Featuring some of the best MCs and guest producers out there including Funky DL, One Be Lo (Binary Star), Cise Star, Shing02, Substantial and guest producer Emancipator to just name a few – this was never going to be a let down. It turns out it is simply a case of how much you grow to love this album, I was in love from the first listen.

For people who have been following Marcus D over the years, he stays true to the things that matter in life and the emotion that runs through each of his beats has to make him one of the most bona fide artists of our time, even if you’ve only been following him for a week you’ll get this impression.

Rather than go into detail of each beautifully constructed beat by the man I urge you to simply go and buy one of the best Jazz-Hop albums you’ll hear this year and lose yourself in the pure serenity of his music.



1 Don’t Hold Ya Breath (ft. Funky DL)
2 Third Person (ft. One Be Lo)
3 Melancholy Hopeful (ft. Cise Star)
4 Fly (ft. Choklate)
5 Titania
6 All Around the World (ft. LaRue & Steph)
7 Kindred Spirit (ft. Emancipator)
8 One People (ft. Shing02)
9 Continuous Dream (ft. Pismo)
10 Nocturne of Love
11 Street’s Lament (ft. Luck One)
12 Misanthropy
13 Universal Language (ft. Substantial & Steph)
14 Distant Worlds (ft. Awon)
15 Inasense
16 Night on the Town (ft. Cise Star, Substantial & Funky DL)
17 Pain & Possibility