Stream: Bop Alloy – The R&R (Remixes & Revisions)

Stream: Bop Alloy – The R&R (Remixes & Revisions)

Bop Alloy, comprised of Baltimore, MD emcee Substantial and the Seattle, WA producer Marcus D, haven’t set out to be the next group with a throwback sound, but “to make quality music that anybody, from any walk of life can enjoy”.

Bop Alloy, the brain-child of Marcus D and Substantial(long time friend of Nujabes), has very quickly made a name for itself in the underground hip hop community. They released their debut album on September 10th 2010 titled “Substantial & Marcus D are Bop Alloy” which received many positive reviews for it’s raw filtered/sample-based hip hop sound and piano jazz akin to the music of the late Nujabes.

Summer of 2011 they embarked on the More B.A.R.K. Less Bite Tour in Japan with Mega-Ran and K-Murdock of the Forever Famicom project (a percentage of the profits were donated to a charity to help cover the damages of the Fukushima Earthquake).

Now, they bring you a 20-track album of jazzy beat-funk remixes of their debut album. Released over the holidays in 2011, the album features revisions by Marcus D,  and remixes by Funky DL, K-Murdock of Panacea, LASTorder, J-zen, and Subtracktion. The album was actually mastered by K-Murdock who also saw success with his Forever Famicom DLC2 released last September.