Top 10: Hip Hop Documentaries

Top 10: Hip Hop Documentaries
3. Style Wars

A documentary from 1983 which was a surprising good year for hip hop on the big screen, just think about Wild Style which saw the light of day in the same year. Style Wars is the first hip hop documentary, allthough it’s not primarly about rap, the main subject here is graffiti. This documentary breathes hip hop and it offers a fascinating portrait of New York in the early eighties. More importantly, it features some of the great graff writers from that era.

2.Rock The bells

Fantastic documentary about concert promotor Chang Weisberg trying to get all Wu Tang Clan members on stage for the first time in years. It’s like watching a fucking thriller, is Ol’ Dirty Bastard going to make it to the stage or what? You know it’s gonna be difficult when one of the guys says ODB is in a hotel room with six crackrocks and some girls… Highly recommended.

1. Dave Chappelle’s Block Party

Dope documentary about a block party organised by Dave Chappelle. He attempts to reunite the Fugees for the first time in 7 years. Some of the other artists involved are Talib Kweli, Common, Mos Def, Big Daddy Kane and The Roots. Dave Chapelle visits the location in Brooklyn, hands out free tickets in his hometown and rehearses for the blockparty. No matter what he does, he’s funny. This is a feel good movie with a perfect mix of comedy and music.