Art: Mexican surrealism by Dhear

Art: Mexican surrealism by Dhear

After featuring Spanish artist Aryz, let’s keep it up with the Latin Surrealism scene, this time by the hand of the Mexican Dhear.

Dhear is a multifaceted young artist from Mexico City with really diverse art production ranging from street art to sculpture. Through his art one can appreciate his influences of literature, Sci-Fi movies, nature, and the works of Moebius (who recently passed away) and Roger Dean.

He got involved with graffiti when he was a teen and transferred that experience to canvases with the aim of fulfilling his art inquietude. Since then, he has been focused on the development and design of characters, trying to break the human structure to merge those pieces with bacteria, fungi and parasitic life forms.

His psychedelic and melting worlds full of strange creatures that seem to have come out of a dusty old biology book have reached as far as European cities like Berlin and Barcelona, where he collaborated with Aryz.

Dhear’s next stop is traditional animation, but meanwhile you can check his latest work here.

Lara (Spain) is a graphic designer & occasional illustrator. Graffiti hunter. Music lover. Not necessarily in that order.