Contest: Win a free CD of Borka’s ‘What Sticks’

Contest: Win a free CD of Borka’s ‘What Sticks’

Slovenian producer Borka hooked us up with a copy of his debut EP, entitled “What Sticks”. It’s a versatile eight-track collection with an ‘old-meets-new’ ethic; exactly one of the generational cross-overs we love here at The Find.

Both contemporary synthesized clichés as well as old school sample treasures are pasted together, revealing Borka’s strong affinity with hip hop beats. The EP starts off with a glitchy touch on Stringy Thingy, but the track following up to that immediately moves to a more mellow approach with a sugarsweet sample and a groovy bass.

Other songs like San Jedne and Jimmy Sings include surprising sample usage, with original sound effects on the last-mentioned track. Croatian producer Josip Klobučar ends the EP with some crazy breakbeats on the remix of the opening track. “What Sticks” is a big instrumental melting pot of hip hop, bass, electronic music, and soul.


We’re all about sharing music, so we have one CD (including a free download code) to give away for you. Recommend your favourite independent beatmaker(s) in the comments below or on our Facebook page. We’ll select the nicest ‘Find’ as winner.

Update: The winner is announced on Twitter


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