Contest: ‘Hip Hop & Jazz’ shirts, J-Zen CDs & stickers by Dooinit Music

Contest: ‘Hip Hop & Jazz’ shirts, J-Zen CDs & stickers by Dooinit Music

French label Dooinit Music starts the new year with the release of a video for the hypnotizing instrumental track “O.W. (Other Way)” by producer J-Zen. As announced on our Facebook page a few weeks ago, we have a giveaway lined up for you in affiliation with Dooinit Music.

The official Dooinit tee doesn’t only sum up the label’s style; it’s also a cool shirt for lovers of hip hop and jazz. “Dooinit since 2007”, which was a great period for independent jazz-inspired hip hop releases. For this contest we have two T-shirts (black/white model & purple/blue model), stickers, and CDs of J-Zen’s Padwork. 

But first, watch the new video below. “O.W. (Other Way)” appears on J-Zen’s latest release Padwork, which is full of dome-thumping MPC beats influenced by soul, jazz and funk.


Head over to Twitter or our Facebook page and tell us what you love about the fusion of hip hop and jazz music and/or who your favorite artists are – also feel free to recommend lesser known talents. You can also email us if you’re a rebel still without social media. Don’t forget to spread the word about Dooinit Music as well.




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