Interview: P.R

Interview: P.R

Nearly 8,000 kilometers South of Tokyo, Sydney-based producer P.R has been molding a strong musical persona influenced by the wake of the legendary Nujabes. Just over a year ago he released his Introspection EP with Cult Classic Records and has just dropped a follow up EP titled Moment In Time.

Both releases are elegant and refined examples of the capacity for emotion and complexity to be found within the genre of jazz hop. Through both projects he has garnered respected emcee features such as Funky DL, Substantial, Skyzoo, Cise Starr, and Blu. We think P.R is a massive rising star so we took some time to catch up and find out more about him.

What do you use to make music?

My own set up is quite basic. I use a PC with monitor speakers, midi-keyboard and turntable with a growing collection of records. In terms of programs, I use FL Studio, Reason, and on rare occasions, Ableton. I also hop from studio to studio sometimes, and have experimented with Pro Tools, Logic and a bunch of studio equipment.

What type of records do you collect and what is one of of your most prized records?

I collect anything and everything! Well, maybe apart from country and heavy metal. Ha. My collection at the moment consists of everything from Funk to Classical to Korean Soul to Brazilian Jazz and more. It’s hard to pin point prized records, I love a lot them equally, but I would have to say one is a record by Jazz band “Incognito” because one of the songs I sampled to create the beat for my song “Sunchild”.

Where do you dig for records?

There aren’t many places that stand out to dig in Sydney, but I like to explore and dig in small family owned record stores and second hand/op shops.

Your style of production fuses primarily jazz and hip hop, what is particularly special about jazz hop to you?

This fusion is perfect! It brings my love for jazz instruments and tunes, together with hip-hop drums and positive raps! I haven’t heard as much emotion and character in one style of music as I have in Jazz hop.

How is CCR conducive to spreading and supporting your music?

CCR to me is one of the best labels dealing with this style of music that I currently approach as a solo musician. They have a great following, mentality and direction. They have helped both my debut EP Introspection and my new EP Moment In Time by taking them on-board under their wing and releasing them through their network, which is a very effective one. I look forward to releasing more music with them.

How did you link up with Cise Starr and Blu for the lead single on new EP?

I approached Cise Star via Facebook and he immediately knew who I was because of my song “Sunchild”. That was a great feeling and it was such an honour to have him down to jump on the song. Blu, I got on board thanks to the help of Thomas Prime and a contact of his, the process with him took a bit longer, but was well worth it, and Blu loved the beat so immediately was down to jump on the song. I’m really glad I got both of them, was a dream collaboration come true.

What is your favourite beer?

Lately, I’ve been drinking Korean beer, ever since getting hooked on Korean BBQ. Brands like Hite, Cass and OB, but in terms of overall beer, I can’t answer that, too difficult!

What is the last song you heard that blew your mind?

I can name a whole album. “Round About Roma” by Stefano Di Battista. Jazz fused with classic orchestra. Amazing. You must check it out.

What are some other jazz hop artists in the vein of Nujabes that people should be listening to?

In terms of production: Thomas Prime, Kondor, Marcus D, Blazo, Avens, Uyama Hiroto, Funky DL, and many others.

Which of these two songs by the late great Nujabes do you prefer? Why?

Nujabes & L-Universe – Ain’t No Mystery (Remix) vs. Nujabes & Substantial – Remembering Dave

I prefer “Remembering Dave” by Substantial more. I love that instrumental, It’s the style of jazz hop production I’m usually into, and having Substantial as a feature, you can never go wrong. He is in my top 3 MC’s in this genre, this has meaningful lyrics and topic, nice flow, and everything else Sub can deliver!


Which of these two songs is more appealing as sample material? What parts of the songs?

Yoshio Suzuki – Kane vs. Midas Touch – Discolation

Wow, hard question, both are great and sampling worthy. It depends what mood I’m in, but I would probably go with “Yoshio Suzuki – Kane”, the part of the song from 1:24 – 2:11, I love that whole piano section. Also the second song has a loud snare though out the song, which may make it a bit difficult to sample.

Kamir Hiam (USA) has been obsessed with hip hop culture since discovering rap as a child in the mid 90s. As curator of The Find's Stay Thirsty podcast, he is an obsessive crate digger, always looking for more dope music. Other hobbies include travel, reading, fitness, and science.